Dr. Yemaya

Yemaya Bordain is renowned for her innovative problem-solving skills, strategic sales leadership, and her role as a trusted technical consultant, serving clients on a global scale. With a rich history of professional training and mentorship from industry leaders, Yemaya has diligently pursued her passion for enabling technologies that contribute to a safer and more secure world.

Yemaya finds immense satisfaction in tackling complex challenges within her field and consistently generates positive impact in roles at prominent brands.

She is a patented technologist with a broad technical background in advanced materials for spaceflight, characterization of viscoelastic materials, micromagnetics in biological applications, microelectronics and photonics, nanotechnology and embedded electronics in healthcare and defense and aerospace.

Currently, her dedication and focus are channeled toward the realization of paradigm-shifting technologies for pilots today and autonomous air travel tomorrow.
    A proficient problem solver.

    Yemaya’s industry expertise lies in embedded military/defense, aerospace, and government electronics, encompassing high-performance rugged computing, safety-critical avionics and urban air mobility.

    She has earned a reputation as a disciplined problem-solver, displaying excellence in comprehending challenges, collaborating with teams to formulate solutions, and executing with precision to achieve outcomes. Her expertise includes the capacity to not only develop a global sales strategy while inspiring an international sales force, but also to provide clients with indispensable technical consultation due to a well-rounded technical background.
    • Consultative sales and business development
    • Emerging and advanced technologies
    • International business


    2022 – Present
    President of Americas
    Successfully established the US presence of Daedalean, a Switzerland-based company on the forefront of pioneering AI-powered flight control software for autonomous aircraft operations, akin to a vision straight out of "The Jetsons." She oversees a dynamic portfolio, encompassing global initiatives in innovation, business development, product management, marketing, communications, flight testing, and strategic partnerships.

    Moreover, the work at Daedalean is underpinned by a profound commitment to the technology’s transformative potential. It aims to foster greater equity by making advanced air mobility affordable and accessible, breaking down barriers of geography, income, and other demographic or physical constraints, allowing personal connections to thrive unencumbered.
    2018 – 2022
    Global Lead, Internet of things group public sector sales
    Intel Corporation
    Exercised strategic leadership over sales operations to military, aerospace, and government clientele, accomplishing unparalleled growth and spearheading groundbreaking market expansion initiatives. Achieved a remarkable milestone by driving record-breaking sales, in the multimillion-dollars, across an extensive portfolio of over 50 global accounts, securing an outstanding 2.5X increase in design wins and a 3.5X boost in architectural conversions during the tenure.

    Additionally, assumed a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of safe and secure autonomy within the burgeoning Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market. Not only led the charge in UAM, but also operated as a safety-critical avionics technical consultant to both defense and commercial aerospace equipment manufacturers, extending valuable expertise to UAM manufacturers.
    2015 – 2017
    Senior solutions engineer
    Intel Corporation
    Demonstrated unparalleled expertise in product development across a multitude of projects within the dynamic realm of the embedded Internet of Things, with notable accomplishments in healthcare, defense, and aerospace sectors.

    Furthermore, played a pivotal role as co-architect in the groundbreaking achievement of delivering the inaugural commercially-available offering in the realm of safety-critical avionics, based on Intel technology. This visionary endeavor has set a formidable standard in the industry.
    2009 – 2015
    Predoctoral research fellow
    University of Illinois al Urbana-champaign
    Distinguished by the receipt of two highly esteemed accolades, namely the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the Ford Foundation Fellowship from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, reflecting an exceptional level of achievement.

    In addition to these notable recognitions, Yemaya holds two patented inventions, and still offers invaluable mentorship to numerous undergraduate and graduate students. Furthermore, she has orchestrated and overseen summer engineering programs catering to high school students, embodying an unwavering commitment to advancing societal well-being and leaving an indelible mark on the world.
    2013 – 2014
    Effimax Solar
    Stepped boldly into the dynamic realm of tech startups, steering an early-stage venture through the rigorous National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Phase I. Furthermore, successfully helmed the company through the highly competitive 2012−2013 cohort of the prestigious Village Capital VentureWell startup accelerator program, showcasing exceptional leadership and business acumen.

    Subsequently, guided another early-stage enterprise, participating in the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps program, an experience that further underscores Yemaya’s profound entrepreneurial capabilities.
    2008 – 2009
    Research engineer, Defense contractor
    M&P Technologies
    Provided unwavering support to a roster of esteemed space and defense industry clients, including NASA, Lockheed Martin, and the U.S. Air Force, leaving an indelible mark on the most critical frontiers of technology and innovation.

    In addition to client support, orchestrated the creation and rigorous testing of cutting-edge high-performance composite matrices, meticulously engineered to exhibit enhanced electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, a feat that placed Yemaya at the forefront of materials science innovation. Furthermore, groundbreaking research completed was not only published but also presented at esteemed peer-reviewed conferences, underscoring their significant contributions to the scientific community.
    2010 – 2015
    Doctor of Philosophy in electrical and computer engineering
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    I became the first female African-American to earn a doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University.

    I patented two inventions in microelectronics and nanotechnology.  Link to dissertation.
    2008 – 2010
    Master of science in computer science
    Clark Atlanta University
    I graduated with honors. I worked on projects in computational thermodynamics, rheological testing of thermoplastics, and optoelectronic impedance tomography.
    2004 – 2008
    Bachelor of science in engineering, electrical
    Clark Atlanta University
    I graduated magna cum laude and was awarded Undergraduate Student of the Year for outstanding leadership and academic achievement.


    • 2024, eVTOL Insights
      Powerbook 2024

      Recognising Excellence and Achievement in the Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft Industry

    • 2020, Intel
      Top achiever award

      Awarded to top 5% individuals in global Sales and Marketing Organization.

    • 2019, Intel
      Division recognition award

      Awarded for safety-critical avionics market entry

    • 2018, Intel
      Division recognition award

      Awarded for demonstrating excellent cross-organizational effectiveness in US Sales.

    • 2015, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
      Trailblazer award

      Awarded for paving the way for female African-Americans in the Graduate College, College of Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

    • 2013, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Rising star in electrical engineering and computer science

      Awarded to high-potential women demonstrating advances in electrical engineering and computer science.

    • ​2010, National Science Foundation

      NSF graduate research fellowship

      A prestigious award granted to outstanding graduate students in STEM disciplines.



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